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About Cosmic Connection

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Welcome Viewer,

The Cosmic Connection has been on television in the Portland,Or. ,Reno, Nv. , Las Vegas , Nv. , Washington, DC. , & the World Wide Internet market.
Since 1993 we have strived to share with our audience, the behind the scenes events that occur to an abductee or a first time witness. Due to advancing technology we are making changes to better serve you the viewer. You now can view on demand the Cosmic Connection on our keyword tvufo Channel.

Past guests include: Don Schmitt, Linda Moulton Howe, Robert O. Dean, Kevin D. Randle, Whitley Strieber, James W. Deardorff, Michael Lindemann, Peter Davenport, Mrs. Betty Hill of The Betty & Barney Hill 1961 Abduction Case, Nuclear Physicist Stanton T. Friedman, Ilyes Director of the Center for Crop Circle Studies US/ Network , an ex military Col. who we call Col. Roswell. Dr. David M. Jacobs Abductee Researcher. Please feel free to subscribe or browse our extensive library to see these and more at the Cosmic Connetion web site Cosmic Connection offers special topic programs dealing with UFOs In The DMZ, Roswell, F.O.I.A. documents, Area - 51, Dulce, New Mexico, Bob Lazar, S-4, Internet locations ,Videos of Lenticular Aerodynes in action , Billy Goodman. Feel free to contact I'm sure you will learn something you may not have known or thought of before.
Thank You Cosmo ...

Since July 11, 1993

Cosmic Connection

Las Vegas, Nevada

UFO Television Series

We are proud to call Las Vegas, Nevada our broadcasting home.
The Cosmic Connection has been on Television / Radio and the World Wide Internet market for over a decade. Since 1993 we have strived to share with our audience, the behind the scenes events that occur to an abductee or a first time witness. The truth about crop circle formations. The news of world sightings, including paranormal events.

A UFO Multi Media broadcast concerning the phenomenon with interviews from Betty Hill to Stanton T. Friedman on topics from Ufos In The Dmz, Roswell, Area 51 & The Phillip Schneider Rachael Bar and Grill aka Little A’Le’Inn video with Ron Rummel, Alien Abductions, & Crop Circle formations. On Cosmic Connection we discuss the latest in world sightings and local coverage.
My Friend Billy Goodman, passed away.

A Letter from Cosmo to you all.

I am often asked why do I mention a Billy Goodman at the end of every Cosmic Connection show. This great man opened the door to a then 25 year old long haired freak. When I didn't know a thing about radio or broadcasting and took me under his arm and taught  me this wonderful craft of having people hear about ones opinions and paint the pictures on the air waves. After all he is the person who by broadcast and interviews told the world and made AREA 51 the household name that it is today.So here is a page that rightly so is deserving to my mentor Mr. Billy Goodman.

In 1989 I came to the conclusion that we are not alone. I became enthralled in the study of UFOs. Then by complete happenstance I heard a radio talk show host by the name of Billy Goodman speak on his show "THE BILLY GOODMAN HAPPENING" Las Vegas KVEG AM 840 on the UFO subject and sightings of his listening audience. Mr. Goodman I found out later had been broadcasting for all of two weeks on this station little did I know he was a rock jock on Los Angeles radio during the British Invasion when I started calling into his program with my two cents worth on the subject. After one of these calls I was asked if I would like to produce "THE BILLY GOODMAN HAPPENING" along with his lovely co-host Gloria Euphoria. Having a daytime job to support an already hectic lifestyle I found myself working for Mr. Goodman and learning the broadcasting trade. After two years with Billy and his wild guests of Bill Cooper, Bob Lazar, Bill Hamilton etc. etc. Then the powers that be came up with a wonderful format change, lets take what is a successful talk show and trash it for all news all the time. And so " THE BILLY GOODMAN HAPPENING" as
I knew it faded into UFO lore.