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5th Annual Festival


For immediate release:

For more information, contact:
Amber Lindsey, McMenamins Marketing
(503) 492-5443

Internationally Renowned Alien Abduction Expert Budd Hopkins Highlights 5th
Annual UFO Fest.

Hopkins will give keynote address and host alien abduction workshop

McMINNVILLE, Ore.---Friday, May 14 & Saturday, May 15---McMenamins Hotel
Oregon proudly welcomes internationally renowned alien abduction expert Budd
Hopkins to its two day out-of-this-world UFO Festival. A prolific author and
one of ufology's most visible figures, Mr. Hopkins will give the keynote
address at the UFO Festival's Friday evening Speaker's Forum where he will
discuss the basic patterns of UFO abductions as illustrated by slides of
abductee drawings of aliens, photos of scars and scoop marks on abductees'
bodies, and ground traces at abduction sites as well as dramatic excerpts of
hypnotic regressions and more. Mr. Hopkins' keynote address will be followed
by a Speaker Reception & Book Signing on Friday evening and an Alien
Abduction Workshop Saturday morning. During the workshop Mr. Hopkins will
cover signs and symptoms of hidden, unrecalled UFO abduction experiences
including psychological issues, recurring dreams, missing time experiences,
unusual fears and phobias and more. Full audience participation is
encouraged and the workshop will conclude with a question and answer period.

Admission to the Speaker's Forum on Friday, May 14 is $7 per person and all
ages are welcome. Tickets may be reserved in advance or purchased at the
door. Ticketing details are available at There is no charge
to attend the Speaker Reception or Alien Abduction Workshop and all ages are
welcome at both events.

Mr. Hopkins is also the guest of honor at a special UFO Fest preview dinner
on Thursday, May 13 at McMenamins Kennedy School. Along with a special
dinner menu, Mr. Hopkins will discuss how he became involved in UFO
abduction research including the 1975 New Jersey sighting and landing which
lead to his first article, published in the Village Voice and Cosmopolitan
magazine. Tickets to the dinner cost $35 per person and all ages are
welcome. Call (503) 249-3983 for reservations.

Budd Hopkins has investigated over 700 cases of alien abduction and has long
been considered the world's premier expert on the subject of alien
abduction, having interviewed more than one thousand people who have
reported abduction experiences. Widely regarded by researches and skeptics
alike as comprising the most influential series of books yet published on the
abduction phenomenon, Mr. Hopkins' books include Missing Time (1981), Intruders
(1987) and Witnessed (1996). Mr. Hopkins has delivered hundreds of UFO lectures
in the U.S. and around the world. With a goal of bringing an objective and
dispassionate scientific intelligence to the study of UFO abduction, Mr. Hopkins
founded the Intruders Foundation ( in 1989. The IF
is a nonprofit organization devoted to research and public education surrounding
this abduction phenomenon.

Mr. Hopkins is available for interviews, radio and television appearances on
Thursday, May 13 and Friday, May 14. Contact Amber Lindsey, McMenamins
Marketing, for scheduling and availability at (503) 492-5443 or via e-mail

Amber Lindsey
Public Relations Coordinator & Copy Editor
McMenamins Marketing
phone: (503) 492-5443


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