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The Cosmic Connection has been on Television / Radio and the World Wide Internet market for over a decade. Since 1993 we have strived to share with our audience, the behind the scenes events that occur to an abductee or a first time witness. The truth about crop circle formations. The news of world sightings, including paranormal events.

A UFO Multi Media broadcast concerning the phenomenon with interviews from Betty Hill to Stanton T. Friedman on topics from Ufos In The Dmz, Roswell, Area 51 & The Phillip Schneider Rachael Bar and Grill aka Little A’Le’Inn video with Ron Rummel, Alien Abductions, & Crop Circle formations. On Cosmic Connection we discuss the latest in world sightings and local coverage.

Art Hangs It Up For the Last Time.

Posted on December 11, 2015

I am sorry to have to announce this but I will not be on Tonight or any other night, yes I am going to hang it up. Whoever this crazy person is, they are not stopping and it has come to the point that we as a Family do not feel it is worth the risk. While I think the person or persons are after me, my Wife and now my Daughter are really scared, the other night after the latest incident my Daughter was off in the corner of her bed scared to death as the Police cars came screaming up. I will not put my Family through this. As you all know I dearly love what I do but not at the expense of never ending Terrorism. I want to thank those of you who have shown so much support and it has been my joy, short as it has been to have cracked that Mic open for a last time. This was a Family decision. The girls stuck with me and still would but if one of them were harmed because of what I love doing my life would be over.


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10 months ago  

Taken from the Lionel Nation You Tube Site

While I've experienced numerous supernatural events, the only UFO story I can honestly claim happened during my time in the military as a radar operator. Once on the midnight shift, I picked up on a track with a real signal, moving 4,000+ MPH, and this object kept making impossible turns for miles, going straight over cities, then, finally, zipped over the Atlantic Ocean and disappeared without a trace. I had several years experience on the job, even decorated, yet I had never seen anything like this craft's movements before. When I mentioned the incident to the commanding officer on duty, he said the object was weather cloud coverage. From the tone of his voice, I quickly got the distinct impression he wanted me to not mention it again. Was it a United States military experimental craft or a ship filled with aliens? I'll never know, but I know what I saw. I do know the solid track wasn't weather; if clouds could go over 4,000 MPH, there would be no civilization left on Earth.


Rendlesham forest UFO sightings commemorated by sculpture

Posted by: Alejandro Rojas September 23, 2014 2 Comments 2,009 Views

The UK’s most famous and compelling UFO incident is being commemorated by the UK Forestry Commission. A large metal sculpture depicting one of the UFOs as described by a witness has been built and will be installed in the location of the sightings in the Rendlesham forest.

The Forestry Commission wants to make it clear that although they are commemorating the incident, they are not trying to take sides on the debate surrounding the existence of UFOs or extraterrestrial visitation. According to the BBC, "The commission said the sculpture was ‘impartial’ and did not seek to answer the mystery."

However, the commission acknowledges that something took place. The recreation manager at Rendlesham forest, Nigel Turner, told the BBC, "Clearly something happened – there’s a party who believe it was something military, there are people who believe it was extraterrestrial activity and we respect all opinions."

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