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UFO Radio Show on 2 CDs


Long John's show was the Grandaddy of every ufo / conspiracy talk show that has come along since and featured among others believers in aliens and flying saucers from the semi-respectable to the far-out people who claimed to have ridden in them in one case all the way to Venus. And there were various psychics believers in creatures who lived in the center of the Earth and out-and-out con men. He was on the air from the late fifties to the early seventies. These shows are from his early days on WOR 710 in New York where the show was aired from midnight to 5:30 am six night a week. CD includes:

1958 Features Andy Sinatra 'The Mystical Tonsorial Artist' . Other Guests were: Dave Bell; Charles Leedham - radio and tv producer; Charles Wildes - President of the Society For the Advancement of Ethical Hypnosis The Mystical Tonsorial Artist claimed to be able to astrally project himself to the moon. A rival projector Charles Wildes was also a guest. A Mrs. Pievey went into a trance and communicated with spirits. A very funny show. 02015 2-5-58 Guests were:Arthur C. Clarke Cortland Hastings Charles Leedham Major Wayne Aho. The discussion was about the reality of flying saucers. Clarke was an eloquent skeptic as was Leedham the skeptic-in-chief of the show's regular panelists. 03030 5-30-58 'Bob Ewing Ambassador to Venus'. Interviewed by Long John and his panel of regulars. 04035 3-7-58 Arthur Aho Domenic Luchezzi discuss flying saucers. Arthur Mosely editor of 'Saucer News' is also a guest. 04040 4-19-58 This is the first appearance on the Long John show of Otis T. Carr the supposed inventor of a flying saucer who was willing to sell it for only twenty million dollars. This show was an exploration of what Mr. Carr had to offer and how it worked. A terrific show. Carr and his partner Norman Colton put up a barrage of scientific-sounding replies to the questions of Long John and his regulars. The audio was extremely poor on the original tape and has been processed to make it listenable if not good. 05045 8-18-58 'Man-made ufos' Guests: Ivan T Sanderson explorer Lester Del REy - scifi writer Ben Isquith - cybernetician Hans Stefan Santeson - editor Fantastic Universe Magazine Ben Ahman - US rep of a Swedish newspaper Vyacheslav Vawalishcin - Former Soviet officer Jim Runyon - Translator 06050 7/11/58 Return of Otis T. Carr. Margaret Storm discusses her book 'Return of the Dove' about Tesla. Otis t. Carr and Charles Leedham were also guests. Carr claimed to be a disciple of Tesla which Mrs. Storm reported in her book. Leedham was skeptical. 07060 10-5-58 'The Straight Line Mystery'. Guests: Ivan Sanderson Isobell Davis Lester DelRey Hans S. Santeson Ben Isquith. 08065 10-5-58 'Earth's Shifting Crusts' - Charles Hapgood Elliott Lanier Ben Isquith Ivan Sanderson. Following is an unrelated but interesting show of an interview (not by Long John) with Mrs. Kissinger who claimed to have had an encounter with a flying saucer. 09100 Three hours of Saucer Summitry at the Long John program. Guests were Jim Moseley of Saucer News fresh from a trip to Peru; Isobelle Davis of Civilian Saucer Intelligence; Doug Dean; Warren Icpac a sportswriter for a New York paper. Talk was about pre-historic saucer visits to Pero Nazca lines KonTiki. 10120 Margaret Storm returns to discuss her book 'Return of the Dove' about Tesla. Guests were: Eliott Lanier; Eden Grey. This show took place a week after Long John had returned from Oklahoma City in an expedition to see Otis T. Carr's flying saucer in its maiden flight. 11125 01 and his entourage in Oklahoma City to see Otis T. Carr's flying saucer lift off. The audio is not the best but it's interesting as the culmination of the OT Carr saga. 12010 6-21-57 George Van Tassel tells how he rode in a flying saucer and of his discussions with the alien who was flying it. Dan Fry; M.K. Jessup; Hans Stephan Santeson. 13020 Major Donald E. Keyhoe and his book 'Flying Saucers From Outer Space'. Also a discussion about Daroes people who live in the center of the Earth; whether flying saucers are around to loot the Daro technology etc. A classic Long John show. 14025 Brouhaha about Keyhoe being cut off from the 'Armstrong Circle Theatre' when he was discussing UFOs. Phone discussion with Irv Tunik and others connected with the show. 15130 Long John and his regulars visit a flying saucer convention at the Howard Menger farm in New Jersey (Menger claimed to have flown to Venus in a flying saucer - not on this tape unfortunately). The audio isn't too good but there were a lot of interviews with participants in the convention - A nice slice of Ufology. 16055 8-1-58 Van Tassel again - White Sands NM to NYC in 30 minutes in a flying saucer!!! Dan Fry; Elliot Lanier; Ben Isquith Lester DelRey. 17070 11-15-58 O.T. Carr with a flying saucer mockup. Nice grilling of him by Lester DelRey. Many telegrams. A classic show. 18075 11-16-58 Jackie Gleason phone conversation about flying saucers. Gleason was very good. The shows on these cds are from my private collection and are in the public domain, to my knowledge

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