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Advanced Aerial Devices Reported During The Koren War - Autographed by Richard Haines, Ph.D.

Autographed. Here is a fascinating book about strange metallic appearing objects in the skies over Korea from 1950-1954. It documents over forty different sightings made by pilots, soldiers, and sailors. What becomes apparent through most most of these formally classified reports is that neither the Americans nor the Soviet Union were responsible for them. Indeed, in many cases the advanced aerial devices outflew all the airplanes used in war. 75 pages Trade Paperback. Buy NOW $13.95


Project Delta

Autographed by Richard Haines Autographed. Project Delta - A Study of Multiple UFO is a book about the ever mysterious subject of UFOs. But it was not written to try to convince you of anything, only to present the facts for your consideration. It deals with reports describing two or more objects seen at the same time and place and it raises some challenging questions which deserve to be answered. Over 400 sightings reviewed here span more than 2,000 years and a host of cultures and continents. 252 pages, trade paperback. Buy NOW $17.95


In this in-depth interview, Dr. Haines reviews his own extensive body of work and contributions to the field across more than three decades of UFOlogical investigation and research, shares with us his views regarding the current status and likely future of UFOlogy, and gives us his thoughtful and informed perspective on what the ultimate nature, meaning, and significance of the UFO phenomenon might be. VHS 99 min

Price: $19.95