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From a weekly listener to our KPAH Radio Show. Which reminds me . If any of our listeners and viewers to Cosmic Connection have any photos of interest please fell free to e mail them to our address. for posting on our web site and to be shared with our KPAH Radio listeners and our NEW! Reno, Nevada SNCAT Television viewers. Thank You JACK!

Thu, 27 Feb 2003 20:08:07 +1300

Hi Cosmo ,

I have been enjoying your show from KPAH Pahrump Radio. I was out hunting wild pig last saturday . I had my nikon camera and took a load of scenic photos as the weather was great and the view was marvelous from up in the Waitakerie Mountains . I took this photo looking west towards Auckland Harbour in the far distance .Dormant volcano Rangitoto can be seen in the distant centre of the Auckland Harbour. I did not notice or see the UFOs while taking the pictures . I just now loaded the pictures into my computer and I was surprised to see the UFOs on this particular shot , the only one I took that has anything unusual about it. Photo was taken at about 10.30am 22.Feb. 2003 from west Auckland Waitakerie Mountains . Two UFOs high in the blue sky can be seen centre to left of photo . This is a first for me . I tried to magnify the UFOs but they distort , so I could not view the UFOs any sharper . I will be keeping an eye on our skys and keeping my camera ready .

regards,  Jack Betham NZ


Sacramento,ca 02-11-02

Unknown objects show up while taking pictures of helicopter. Cosmic Connection has in its archives a 10 minute video tape of a similar object filmed in Dec. 1995 Molalla, Oregon. These pictures were just sent to Cosmic Connection from our KPAH Radio Studios  Pahrump, Nevada.





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