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New UFO gift items!


Cup: Official 1947 Roswell Daily Record Mug


Coffee Mug with famous "1947 Roswell Daily Record" UFO headline "RAAF Capture Flying Saucer" design on front. This is a genuine Roswell Daily Record Souvenir! Sure to be a real conversation starter!

Rocket Pen


Re-enact your favorite sci-fi classic with the Retro51 Rocket Pen! Rumor has it that the full-scale version is hidden in a hangar somewhere inside Area 51.

Pen is made from solid die-cast steel. Rocketbase is F-16 Aircraft Aluminum. Weighing in at a full 3 ounces this writing instrument takes little effort to produce a smooth dark line. Pen stores in aerodynamically designed base when not in use.

Detector - UFO - Early Warning System - Flux Gate Technology


This unique item was designed by an Aerospace Electronics Engineer: It is low cost, Battery operated and Portable.

Detects Moving Field Propulsion Forces.

Detects Constant field Propulsion Forces.

Detects Pulsed Mode Propulsion Forces. This UFO Detector is able to sense when there is a major change in the earth's magnetic force fields. To eliminate false alarms, the detector is able to discriminate between all the electromagnetic fields which are radiating from all of our power lines, appliances, TV's, radios, cell phones, TV and Radio broadcasting transmitters, etc. When a magnetic field disturbance of the type emanating from a probable UFO, the Detector will flash its lights and sound the beeper alarm. Operates up to 2 years on standard battery. 2 1/2" wide, 3 1/2" high, 1" thick. When carried in a shirt pocket, a red led is viewable through the top end of the case. This allows alert visibility without removing the detector. Comes complete with batteries and a Force Field test module.

Retro 51 UFO Clock


Made with the finest materials and care, Retro 51 UFO Clocks have a unique style and finish. Whether at home or travelling, Retro UFO Clocks in the small angled desk clock in black face, you can use them anywhere.

Retro's UFO Clock is one of a kind. Colorful accents of red make this futuristic clock an interesting addition to any space.

3 inch face. Excellent craftmanship!

Saucer UFO Desk Lamp - blue


This UFO spaceship designed desk lamp is sure to give your desk an unique feel. It comes in a satin steel finish with a blue or frosted glass diffuser and has an in-line cord switch. Please see the diffuser option below. The diameter of the diffuser is 5". The bulb is included with this fixture.

Dimensions: 7"h

Materials: Steel

UFO resin model - 8 inches wide


This 8" wide custom saucer kit is custom made of high density resin. Includes upper and lower hull,dome, three landing legs, and directions. Ready to finish as you like. Test your modeling skills! Your results will depend on your modeling skills. For advanced modelers ONLY! This is a RESIN kit and is not like the models you built as a kid. Requires (but not included) epoxy adhesive, patience, filling, patience, putty, more patience, sanding, more patience, and lots of skill.