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The Cosmic Connection has been on Television / Radio and the World Wide Internet market for over a decade. Since 1993 we have strived to share with our audience, the behind the scenes events that occur to an abductee or a first time witness. The truth about crop circle formations. The news of world sightings, including paranormal events.

A UFO Multi Media broadcast concerning the phenomenon with interviews from Betty Hill to Stanton T. Friedman on topics from Ufos In The Dmz, Roswell, Area 51 & The Phillip Schneider Rachael Bar and Grill aka Little A’Le’Inn video with Ron Rummel, Alien Abductions, & Crop Circle formations. On Cosmic Connection we discuss the latest in world sightings and local coverage.


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Bill Cooper & Randall Terpstra

Art Campbell The 1947 UFO Crash on the Plains of San Augustine

Third mutilated cat found in Universal City

Alia Malik, San Antonio Express-News

July 8, 2014


Cats mutilated in Universal City

SAN ANTONIO -- Universal City police found a dead and mutilated cat Tuesday morning in its owner's front yard -- the third such find in two days in the Coronado Village subdivision. "The homeowner gets up pretty early, and he found it," said Lt. Fernando Parra of the Universal City Police Department. "It wasn't there yesterday. It was fresh." Police are looking for a person, or multiple people, who could be mutilating the cats. Police do not know what type of instrument was used, but the cuts on each of the three cats were very precise, Parra said. "An animal's not going to make cuts like that," Parra said. The latest mutilated cat was found just before 7:30 a.m. Tuesday in the 200 block of Quivira Drive, Parra said. Two others were found Monday -- one in the 400 block of Balboa Drive, and another at Granada Drive and Coronado Boulevard, Parra said. The cats were found during the day in people's front yards, though not always the yard of the owner, Parra said. Parra said the district attorney's office is deciding whether a local veterinarian or Texas A&M University will perform necropsies on the cats, in part to determine whether they already were dead before they were mutilated. The person or people responsible face animal cruelty charges, Parra said. Police are asking anyone with information to call the police department's main line at 210-658-5353. "Somebody might see something," Parra said. "They're doing it kind of in plain sight."

Twitter: @AliaAtSAEN

- More Bloodless Half-Cats in Florida.

May 10, 2014

The chest cavity that should contain the heart and lungs was empty and the trachea was cut near the neck. The spinal cord appeared to be cut clean. The tissue did not appear to have been violently torn as it would have in
the event of an animal attack. ...the trauma inflicted on the cat was most likely done by a knife or sharp object.

- Lakeland Police Dept. Incident Report, vet analysis of  mutilated half-cat found at 7:45 AM on April 23, 2014, only 45 minutes after let out of house in Lakeland, Florida

Pink Floyd to Release a New Album (Sort of)

Posted on July 8, 2014 by Michael Rice

Pink Floyd fans can rejoice on the news of the band’s first new(ish) record in 20 years, set for release in October. "The Endless River" will be based on tracks recorded during sessions (dubbed "The Big Spliff") for 1994′s "Division Bell" with the lineup of guitarist/vocalist David Gilmour, drummer Nick Mason, and keyboardist Richard Wright, who died in 2008. Representatives for the band’s former leader, bassist Roger Waters, confirm that he remains uninvolved in the band’s current pursuits.

The news was first broken by David Gilmour’s wife, novelist and Pink Floyd contributing lyricist Polly Samson, via Twitter, who put it this way:

"Btw Pink Floyd album out in October is called "The Endless River". Based on 1994 sessions is Rick Wright’s swansong and very beautiful."

Can’t wait for the new Pink Floyd record? Get yourself some Pink Floyd swag from Sam Ash and record your own "Division Bell" follow up. Maybe you’ll even get Roger Waters to join you.



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BILLY GOODMAN always said " HELLO ANYBODY " that was his moniker. Hosting the legendary " The Billy Goodman Thing " which later became " The Billy Goodman Happening " back in the day. During the period 1989 - 1991. Billy was doing his show in Las Vegas on KVEG 840 AM from 10 pm to when ever he felt like closing the show you see he had total control of his time slot, also there was no 7 second delay so at times a few if not a lot of unsaviour language escaped out into the night waves. Goodman was in competition with Art Bell KDWN 720 AM who was also doing a show from the second floor of The Union Plaza Hotel at number one main street during that time period, only one thing Billy did UFOs and Art Bell did boring USA Today stories and general call-in late night talk radio. I know... I was there. I was a late night talk show junkie just like you. I also heard Art's first week on air, it was a co-host event with the departing late night host Ted Bair of KDWN at the time.

It was Billy who was really the first one who made Area 51 a house hold name he interviewed Bob Lazar, John Lear and Bill Cooper when all that weirdness started. I just happened on the show one late night in the late eighties and got instantly addicted. At the time Billy had been with KVEG all of two weeks when one night he spoke of a ufo event he witnessed on the freeway in Providence Rhode Island with others who had stopped on the freeway to gawke at the sighting. The KVEG phones lite up like a brush fire with the callers own ufo accounts from the fifteen western United States, Canada and Mexico. You see KVEG and KDWN were 50,000 watt boomers that laced across the night skies cutting their swath of entertainment to millions of listeners. I also remember one night Tom Leykis and Billy got in to a big feud over what I can not remember today but it was quite a scene.

Then I called in and related my own ufo sighting. A 1987 Las Vegas event at Koval and Tropicana." Billy liked my engaging style his words not mine" that he asked me to call him after the show about 2 am and asked me if I would like to produce his programs, I said yes. I ran Road Watch America Reports and produced calls from the likes of 606, Mr. Skeptic, Yellow Fruit, County Joe, Bill Hamilton, Christa Tilton, Roger The Dodger, Bo Gritz, Colonel Keith, Mary Marrier, and an inebriated many times over Bill Cooper and so many more. One night Billy asked me to make sure I would open the door for a news reporter that was coming to the station that night to interview him about the Ufo show, his name was George Knapp they arrived and I was immediately shoved aside as I was just a new kid in town so to speak and did not know how to plug in a microphone cord to the BOARD. It was an Comprehensive Standard Series XLR Cable. I later found out L.O.L. Its been 25 years since those days of learning the radio / television insights, I have the recordings of many of those precious shows and listen to them often. I miss them dearly.

My name Theodore Rice and I was there.

...Now you know the rest of the story.

July 5, 2014 - Update from Stanton Friedman.

"Stan was released from the hospital yesterday, July 4th, and is in good spirits. He's happy to be at home where he can resume his ufological activities."

- Kathleen Marden, co-author with Stanton Friedman, Captured! The Betty and Barney Hill UFO Experience and Science Was Wrong  

Stanton Friedman, physicist, Roswell UFOs investigator

and author, Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada, suffered a mild heart attack on Friday evening, June 27th. After additional tests and treatment, he is recuperating at home. He thanks everyone for their concern.

Stan can be reached at P. O. Box 958, Houlton, Maine 04730.

Seven Questions 4 George Knapp By Sean DeFrank 1/20/11

FROM  The NUFORC database of sighting reports

Mr. Peter Davenport

Stationary Object over California and Nevada

During the period of May 24-26, our Center received a number reports from northern California and Nevada of an object, apparently at very high altitude, which seemed to the witnesses to remain stationary over a long period of time. Our first reaction was that the object might be a large helium-filled balloon, being used for some research application, given that our Center has received many such reports over recent decades. However, our experience has been that those balloons rarely are reported to remain motionless, as measured over the course of hours....

Turkey UFO Incident The Kumburgaz Case 2007-2009


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