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Stan Romanek

In every incident, there have been multiple witnesses ranging from five to over 30 persons.

If you have witnessed these or other craft in the Denver, Colorado area. Mr, Romanek has instructed Cosmic Connection to post his contact e-mail address so that you may report and confirm his sightings. He has also done an interview with Fox News.


Hello Cosmo

It's Stan Romanek. I thought It would be a good idea to check out your website, Now that I am going to be on your show Sunday. I noticed that you only have a picture of the first UFO. If you are interested here is some stills of the UFO that stalked me the last three times. If at all possible can you post this Email address if anyone has any questions, sometimes others will come forward and this is a good way to have them get in touch with me and MUFON the email is stansufo@hotmail,com

Also is there a way to watch this live. there a lot of people such as Scientists and Hollywood producers of which I can not mention yet, that are interested in anything regarding this.


Stan Romanek


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Exclusive new ufo video:  Larry Cerkander and Stan Romanek
Cosmic Connection Television Series since 1993, has just finished broadcasting interviews with Larry Cerkander and Stan Romanek. We presented Mr, Cerkanders March 2002 video. This 10 min. sighting was captured near Encino, New Mexico on I-40. Filmed from the road side at night, this glowing light has features and acrobatics seen at Area 51 in the late 80s. You have got to see this video if you have any interest in Area 51

like footage. I have personally been to Area 51 in the late 80 s and seen the Project Red Light activities. I can attest to this remarkable video.

Our next interview featured Mr. Stan Romanek who has been followed by many Ufos and filmed them in the last 2 years. Stan related his side effects of his encounter of as many as 32 birds hitting his car windshield and his apartments window. Cosmic Connection aired this series of videos that Mr. Romanek video taped with his personal commentary and added information to his experience. Due to the interest in this program we are announcing that this and all C.C. programs are for purchase. Contact our studios for details on how you may obtain a vhs copy of the 1 Hour Cerkander / Romanek Television Interviews of June 9, 2002

During the past year alone Stan Romanek tells us he has witnessed UFO's (unidentified flying objects) on five different occasions in the metropolitan area, and once outside the state. His story is that:

1) In every incident, there have been multiple witnesses ranging from five to over 30 persons.

2) Further, on each occasion he has photographed the event with his video camera.

Although Stan's camera is an older model Sony regular 8mm model without image stabilization (it turns out, this is the most light sensitive model made anyway), he was still able to record these events to the degree that any explainable origin of these flying objects is not readily made.


Other witness reports of the September 30 sighting, see by date in "Lakewood".

December 27, 2000
The first UFO seen by Stan was in the daytime at the location of Alameda and Jewel in west Denver (Lakewood). When first observed, (paraphrased here) "it was about 50 feet from Stan's car, directly above the level of power lines along the side of the road. It was keeping pace, just ahead of my moving car at about 40 miles per hour and in the air at a slight angle forward. The approximate size was that of a minivan. I slowed then stopped my car, as did other cars and their drivers observing this object. After a few moments, the object instantly "popped" to a higher height several hundred feet up, causing an intense "sonic boom" that was felt on my clothes and body. Other than this sonic "pop", the object made absolutely no sound. At this point the camera was ready to film, and the video was taken."

The photo below is one frame from the video. Stan reports "five other witnesses watched this object from the side of the road.

The object is seen from the side and slightly below. The top of the object is domed shaped, and six rotating smaller balls were along the lower edge." Stan commented that the underside of the object was the darkest black he had ever seen, as if it were a window to beyond the object itself, a "black hole", a look into infinity


Notes: "Mark" (who is "going to have a friggin canary" when he sees the video) is Stan's friend who was interested in UFOs, unlike Stan at the time who said he had no belief in UFOs whatsoever. The rushing sound on the video is the traffic on West Alameda going by, and not the sound of the UFO. By this time when the camera was ready, the UFO had already moved several hundred feet up, and was not noticed by other cars not already pulled over to the side of the road further down.

September 30, 2001

During September of 2001, Stan a large number of persons (up to 30+) persons witnessed a different and distinct object "follow" Stan on three separate occassions. The first was at his place of work, the second as he drove his car into a Denver open space park south of town (Daniel's Park), and the third time near his home in residential Denver. The series of photos below are still images, each a separate frame in succession from the video shot at the third sighting.

A large number of persons witnessed his object as it flew immediately above and preceded his car into a Denver park where another family's birthday party was taking place.

This object has been described as a geodesic shaped ball by some, which strobed with very rapid pulsed several times a second (looks slower in the web video as some pulses are eliminated with the the video compression), "lighting up from the bottom to the top". It was estimated to be about twelve feet in diameter. There appeared to be "laser-beam like" latticework around the outside, like the edges of a geodesic dome or soccer ball. The light on the bottom was a very intense blue or green (shows as white on the photos). Witnesses testify that the object moved unlike any identifiable object, as it moved very steadily "unaffected by wind", and as Stan testifies (paraphrase) "then darted about an incomprehensible speed from spot to spot several times", eventually disappearing in the distance. It never made any noise or sound at all.

This was apparently the same object that came within 30-40 feet of about a dozen witnesses several days earlier as it followed Stan's car into the open space park just south of Denver.

In the still images below, extracted from the video, each one occurs a fraction of a second after the other. There is no lens diffraction in the images- the object is actually a ball shape as shown, and you can see some of the latticework and connectors on the grid in the enlarged first photo. Then video clearly shows the detail of the un-illuminated outline during its dark strobe phase, and there is absolutely no indication of any other structure or propulsion system connected to the ball. One person has commented that this may actually be an example of an ORGANIC flying life/intelligence form rather than a mechanical/technological UFO; perhaps a flying counterpart to the luminescent jellyfish of the deep ocean.

No one is admitting or claims to know at this point what or where this object originates, period. The object is a couple hundred feet away flying away from Stan's camera at the start, eventually ascends into the cloud bank, where the silent flashes of light occur (one seen in the video).


September 20th 22nd 30th , 2001 UFO
Stans Ufo In Denver, Colorado